Kylie's Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator Training

I love that many of my blog followers are Stampin' Up!® Demonstrators from around the world! I have many that have signed up for my newsletters and want to learn what I am doing in my Stampin' Up!® business that helped me to reach #1 in Australia and #8 Globally.

I have set up extensive training for my team as I know that many of us with the right information and support can do so much more with Stampin' Up!® than just getting a discount. My team have proven that the training really does work and help!

Here is some of my free training videos that I have made on Facebook using live video. I have live business chats for free every Tuesday at 1pm AEDT.

Kylie's FREE Facebook Live Business Training
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Say no to guilt
My Aim for Alaska Program
How Onstage Events Help my Business
What I learnt from moving house
Hope I cope with challenges and setbacks
How to get customers and recruits
The reality of starting a Stampin' Up!® Business

I also run a support program called Aim for Alaska. This is a subscription only based program and is brilliant for those demonstrators that are looking at stepping up their business so that they can get more than just cheap products. 

In the Private Facebook group we have many demonstrators from the Global 100 that go live on the group and give us their top business tips. I know that I am learning so much from being part of the group. Some of the amazing speakers we have had are - Becky Roberts, Robyn Cardon (the pink stamper), Wendy Cranford, Louise Sharp, Sarah Berry, Michelle Last, Bruno Bertucci and coming up next week is the incredible Patty Bennett. There are more amazing speakers to come that talk about a variety of different things - from creativity, photography and how to recruit and gain sales.

I have made this training so so cheap - I could charge triple the amount but want it to be accessible to as many demonstrators as possible. Investing also means that you take the training seriously and instead of just listening to the information you will be invested to apply it and reap the results.

To join my Aim for Alaska program no matter where you are in the world, even if you are not even thinking of getting Alaska but want support and to hear from other successful demonstrators CLICK HERE. My Crazy Crafters team receive this training free of charge.

Currently there are 98 members and the group is growing continually. So come and join in with all the fun!

Here are some of the comments about the group - 
"I am so happy I found Kylie and this group! It's worth every penny. I've learned so much and have been so motivated to keep on going, even when the going gets tough, which this past month has been for me."
"Hey Kylie, wanted to thank you for inspiring me to get back into Stampin' Up! Your aim for Alaska group is helping me with ideas and accountability. Although I have a long way to go and I certainly won't make Alaska but January was the best month I have had in over 12months and I got 3 recruits which is more then I have recruited in 3 years and managed to do it without holding a party:) words can't express how grateful I am best I can do is say thank you! Xxx"
"I wanted to say thank you Kylie for creating such an amazing, safe place for us all to share our hopes & fears, good days & bad. And thank you to all the wonderful people on the aim for alaska group that make it so special."


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