Crazy Crafters Hightlights - Vote for your Favourites

Wow - What a team I have! So much creativity and inspiration, it really is wonderful. I want to highlight some of them today which our Crazy Crafters Highlights. The fun part - you get to vote for your three favourites. We enjoy doing this each week. Our Crazy Crafters team even created our own Tutorial Bundle that you can purchase - it is full of wonderful projects that you will be able to use for all sorts of different events. There is a little sneak peek at the bottom of my post.

Thanks for joining us today!

We held our Crazy Crafters highlights last week and our TOP three were - 

1st - Stephanie Fischer from The Crafty Thinker
2nd - Juana Ambida
3rd - Sue Vine

Check them out here. Well done to you all every week you submit such wonderful work. 

Now to Vote - click on the heart in the top right hand corner. I know that my team appreciate you taking the time to visit their blogs and vote for them and I do too! You get THREE votes so choose wisely. 


Thanks again for coming by my blog and supporting my Crazy Crafters team. They love having you all come by their blogs and voting for them too. We are sure you will gain so much inspiration from these gorgeous projects this week. Make sure you check out the team HERE.

$25 for 21 Tutorials made by the Crazy Crafters Team
CLICK HERE to purchase them now!
You will be emailed the PDF bundle right away

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  1. Hi Kylie, Sorry but I have a complaint to can we make a choice when we only have three votes and umpteen gorgeous cards? WE NEED MORE VOTES :-) Seriously, the team make it so very hard each blog hop highlight. The cards just seem to get better and better.
    May I just say that when voting I feel really guilty that I have not picked the others as they really are all so good. So could you pass on to all who enter that it is not that their cards are not good, just that we can only vote for three.
    Thanks to all who participate and share with us.


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