Top Ten International Highlight winners

I have a wonderful announcement - our top ten from the International highlights that I held on my blog last week. So many WONDERFUL projects with the theme of travel. Click here to see it if you missed it. 

Congratulations to our top ten! We will be taking part in a blog hop next month together. If you would like to take part in our International highlight next month Click Here and join our planning group.

Thank you to all those that took part! Can't wait to see next months amazing projects.


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  1. Wow, amazing cards! Thanks, Kylie, for hosting such an great showcase. You rock!

  2. So excited! Thank you everyone who voted for my card - I can't believe I made the Top 10!!

  3. All such great cards! Thrilled to have made the top 10. Thanks for doing this, Kylie!

  4. So exciting! Thank you to everyone who looked at and voted for my card. Congrats to all the top 10. Thanks for organising another great highlight Kylie.

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