Crazy Crafters Team Project Highlights - Vote for your favourite

Welcome to The Crazy Crafters Project Highlight! We have had 19 people join the Crazy Crafters since the beginning of this month!! We are THRILLED that all these wonderful people are joining our team from all around Australia. 

We held our Crazy Crafters highlights last week and our TOP three were - 

1st - Vicki Hunter
2nd - Juana Ambida
3rd - Stephanie Fischer

Check them out here. Well done to you all every week you submit such wonderful work. 

Now to Vote - click on the heart in the top right hand corner. I know that my team appreciate you taking the time to visit their blogs and vote for them and I do too! You get THREE votes so choose wisely. 


Thanks again for coming by my blog and supporting my Crazy Crafters team. They love having you all come by their blogs and voting for them too. We are sure you will gain so much inspiration from these gorgeous projects this week. Make sure you check out the team HERE.

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  1. Geez, I need at least double the amount of votes this week! So many great entries!! Great work everyone! xx


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