We are in our new Home!

And that is exactly what it feels like already - our home. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to start moving in yesterday as settlement hasn't happened... but we were able to get a license agreement and move in four days earlier than settlement which was good news. We had lots of boxes packed up ready to go so we wanted to get in there as soon as we can.

We had lots of visitors during the day popping in to see our new place which was lovely. But the nicest surprise was the ENTIRE Bertucci Family coming by to have drinks and pizza - our first meal in the new home. Here are some pictures that I am sure we are going to Project Life very soon!

Got the Keys!

Puppy Love - the finally got to see their new house!

The Bertucci Family and Jess my assistant turned up!

They came with sparkling wine!

Here is a new one we tried out that Mum loved - Tequila Espresso

Here is all of us in the hallway on the way out - so much fun!

Here is the old craft room!! It's a shell of what it was before

Fixing up the wall where we had the floating shelving in the craft room.

I had to show you this one!! Look closely it is DSP that has been cut out with punches - our niece Alana found my new craft room and she #loveitchopit and cut up my paper!! hahahahaha The first crafting in my new craft room.

So far this is all that is actually back to normal in the room!

Here is the rest of the craft room! lol!

Bruno is busy unpacking - he is such a good man!! Yesterday he organised to get new powerpoint in the house - why do they never have enough when we need a hundred. 

The BEST use of the Stampin' Up!® Brown paper from the boxes!!

Lots of empty boxes which is great - in one day we are pretty happy with ourselves.

The foxtel man is here already!! Woo hoo! The important thing first.

The best breakfast ever for a day of moving. lol

Hope you liked my updates with the move - Looking forward to doing some crafting in the room soon! Once the power points are in I will be getting the room all set up ready to go. :)

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  1. So happy for you guys - enjoy your lovely new home.Angexx

  2. Congratulations! Can't believe you're excited about the process, but I wish you both much happiness in your lovely new home. xx

  3. You make moving look enjoyable. I found it horrific last year.enjoy your new place and craft room!😀😀😀

  4. Sooooooo happy for you all. Looks like the fur babies are loving it already x hugs to you all- enjoy your new home x

  5. I hope you packed the Dymo! Boy that is a bright top Bruno, and you had issues with my Cucumber Crush? ;) haha. Love you guys!

  6. Can't wait to see the tour! Hope things are going well, keep calm, we are all thinking of you x


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