Inspired by Lindt Coconut Chocolate

I have discovered a new favourite chocolate and conveniently it is right before I have decided to watch what I eat and lose a few kgs (or ten..) however as I was staring at the box today trying to exercise self control - I was inspired to create instead of eat! What a great alternative. Crafting is so good for us in so many ways......

So here is the box I was staring at today - 

So instead of eating them all I created instead -

I would never have thought of doing Gold and Whisper White Embossing on the Bermuda together. But I love it! I did some sponging around the edges and also added another layer of Bermuda Bay on the Whisper White.

I am so happy that I exercised self control and decided to make a card instead. We shall see if I can last the rest of the week... I am not making any promises.

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  1. Beautiful xox as for the Lindt choccies, we discovered the Factory shop way out west near IKEA in Sydney....oh my golly gosh KYLIE!!! I'm moving to live with you honey xox

    1. Too funny Delys! How scary finding the factory - eeeekkk I would be in BIG trouble!

    2. Wow! What a gorgeous card! Oh and I'll have look for those candies. Purely for inspiration of course!

  2. I am happy there is a dark chocolate version of the Lindt Coconut Chocolate candy! We need chocolate related challenge some time. Cards of course! :)

  3. Love this card Kylie! and Lindt!

  4. Just absolutely love this card, Susan

  5. Gorgeous!!!! Love the gold embossing on the bermuda bay............


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