Fresh Fruit Card Ideas by Kylie and Bruno Bertucci

Bruno and I had a crafting session together the other night that could have ended badly.... fortunately it didn't and two very different cards came from a stamp set you may expect!

We used the Fresh Fruit Stamp Set - 

I was thinking of ideas of what stamp set to use and I always love to try and think out of the "norm" and I looked at my latest Jamberry's I had on and BOOM it came to me! I needed to find a stamp set with circles and here it was - The Fresh Fruit Stamp set.

I used to love making these shapes with circles when I was younger and it felt very nostalgic doing it again. I did say in the outset that Bruno and I nearly came to blows - that was because he bumped the table and made me go out of the lines. hahahaha If only you could have seen the evil eye I gave him.

Bruno was then inspired to do his own card using the same set - and he did an amazing card! Make sure you go and check it out I will have the link below. I used the new Tin of Tags for the sentiment - I love a sentiment with two different fonts.

 Thank you so much for coming by today! Make sure you head over to Bruno's blog by CLICKING HERE so you can see the card that he made using the fantastic and versatile stamp set.

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  1. Love this card! I too used to make patterns with circles when I was in primary school. Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

  2. In almost every card I make are circles. My friends make jokes about that.
    Love your card, great pattern of circles! And a nice combination of colors.

  3. Great card, Kylie. Poor Bruno, LOL.
    You did a great job editing it out on the main pic tho.


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