Bruno Bertucci's Project Life Live Video!

We love Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® in the Bertucci family. We love it for documenting our trips and fun times with our family. I also love document Onstage too.

I have set up a fantastic Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® Facebook group that has lots of support and live videos showing what demonstrators around the world are doing with Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® You will get so much support with this group - and ANYONE can join the group. CLICK HERE to request to join and we would love to add you in.

Bruno showed his love and passion of Project Life® and made this live video that you can watch here

If you haven't given Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® a try - please ask me about it. I live in Australia and can give you the support you need to get those digital photos off your phones and into these wonderful memory keeping albums for your friends and family to enjoy. Don't lose all those precious memories because you haven't backed up or the technology has changed. Preserve them....

Click Here to see the full Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® Range. There are albums and amazing card collections that make putting an album so easy to do!

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  1. Bruno, love your video! With your glasses you ARE PETER SELLERS from the Pink Panther 💕💕💕💕💕💕. How do I find out when you are going to do the next live video? It would be nice to get an email maybe a day ahead?


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