Mediterranean Blog Hop - Highlights of our trip

Welcome to our Mediterranean Blog Hop for the month of June. This month we are highlighting the wonderful trip we got to experience which is the whole reason why we are doing this Blog Hop together. We all earned a trip to the mediterranean thanks to Stampin' Up!®, our teams, customers and lots of hard work.

Bruno and I had a wonderful time on board the Norwegian Epic. The best part for me was being about to catch up with demonstrators from all around the world that I have been working with online. It was brilliant to finally catch up and see them in the flesh.

The other part of the trip was seeing amazing things that I knew that my family had visited before. My mum was 20 when she visited europe for the first time. How adventurous of her! I remember looking at her pictures of these amazing places when I was young and always hoping that I would get to see the things she did. 

Bruno and I at Pisa - 

Here is my Mum at Pisa 1972

Bruno and I in Florence - 

My Mum In Florence in 1972

How cool is that?? I was so excited to be seeing the things that she did 44 years ago. There are so many other amazing photos I could show you but this is a tiny little snippet of things that meant the most to me on this trip.

Bruno and I got to extend our trip and go on to travel to Paris and London. Oh wow. We had an incredible time and all up were away for almost one month.

Here are my favourite shots in Paris - 

And you guessed it! Mum was there 44 years ago!

I could keep going but only have so much room on this post. I LOVED the pillow gifts! Here is a Facebook Live video that I made showing all our Mediterranean Pillow gifts! Stampin' Up!® really know how to spoil us. This video does go for some time - so make sure you hop all the way around and come back and have a look later. I don't want you missing one hop!

Thank you so much for joining me today so that I could give you a small taste of the fun that we had while we were away. If you are a Stampin' Up!® Demonstrator - aim to get on one of these trips! If you aren't a demonstrator - join and make it a goal. It is so exciting to be able to turn something you love that rewards you at the same time. Yes there is hard work, but you learn so much along the way and have fun doing it. Currently you are visiting me - Kylie Bertucci. Have a look in the list below to see who is up next in our hop. Hope you feel inspired after you hop all the way around.

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  1. Wow! How special to have those photos of your mum visiting the same places! Love your highlights Kylie - thanks for sharing!

  2. Totally cool to have the pics of your mother at the same sites. I'd like to go back and post pictures of ME at those sites and following that, pics of you there and I can say ......Kylie was there at the same time! You are a rock star my friend. And tons of fun. Enjoy the weekend coming up and God Bless, ~Cynthia <><

  3. Lovely memories, now and 44 years ago.

  4. It looks like you all had the best time like we did! So glad I got to see you. Here's to many happy memories!


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