Last Days of the Stampin' Up!® Incentive Trip!

We are having such a wonderful time! We are currently in London but I haven't updated you on our last days of the Stampin' Up!® incentive trip! These were the France stops. By this stage we were VERY tired. After Capri, Rome and Florence we had done lots of touring and walking so we thought we would just have a relaxing day and have a look around. 

Cannes really surprised me - I don't know what I expected but it was very coastal and nautical. Reminded me of a bit of the Gold Coast in Queensland which is where I grew up - but just with the history and culture. lol.

We wanted something typical french for lunch and really wasn't sure where to go - we walked for quite some time and nothing was grabbing us. Trip advisor came to the rescue! There was a great rated restaurant away from the tourist area and it was magnificent! We ordered a meat platter and Fromage (cheese) and then what we thought was going to be a salad with a little camembert turned out to be a whole wheel of camembert that was cooked and melted - oh it was so good! 

And the most amazing traditional Steak Tartare - yes this meat is RAW! and it was fantastic.

After lunch we were so full - there was no way we could fit in some macarons - but we made sure we took them away. It was such an awesome shop.

I took this video of the french woman ordering some Macarons!

Time to go back to the ship - Here is the Norwegian epic at Cannes we caught tender vessels back and forth.

The next day was Marseilles and we were even more tired!! However we made sure we got out and had a look around. I would get a serious case of FOMO if I didn't. 

First thing we did was go on the Ferris Wheel, it was no london Eye - but we were willing to give it a go.

The views were amazing!

Here is Bruno having a panic attack up the top - it was so funny! I shouldn't laugh but Bruno makes fun of me - so it is good to return the favour sometimes. lol

Once we survived the Ferris wheel it was time for a coffee and gelati to calm our nerves. it was incredible how they served this cone - it was a work of art - like a flower! We were excited when Shelli and her family turned up for one too.

We also bumped into Sara and Sean Douglass in the street too - 

Back on the ship it was time to test out the Ice Bar - minus 10 degrees! We had so much fun!

I'm on my ice chair - seriously it was made from real ice. Only on a cruise could these things happen right?

So that ends out trip! We were very sad how quickly it ended and we felt like there were so many people that we didn't get to see and meet. The week was so full of touring and meeting people and we had a fantastic time. What a wonderful opportunity Stampin' Up!® has given us to do and see what we have. Bruno and I have added on a week in Paris and a week in London. When you fly for 25 hours you want to make it work your while right? More on our "extra" incentive trip soon!

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  1. So brave, Bruno! My stomach was churning just watching. I could not go on anything like that EVER! Great photos. Enjoy your trip - you so deserve it!

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