Stampin' Up!® Mediterranean Incentive Trip Day Four

We knew that today was going to be an incredibly huge day so much to see and so little time!! Bruno has booked all our tours this trip and I said what are we seeing today? He laughed at me. I seriously had no clue! 

So first stop was the colosseum! Oh my what a monument. When we arrived the road was closed off right behind us due to protestors. Phew we made it just on time!! 

What surprised me about this area is the other monuments around the area - like the arch The arch, which was constructed between 312 and 315 AD, was dedicated by the senate to commemorate ten years of Constantine's reign (306–337) and his victory over the then reigning emperor Maxentius (306–312)

Also in the distance was Arch of Titus is a 1st century A.D honorific arch. t was constructed in c. A.D. 82 by the Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus to commemorate Titus' victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem (70 CE) The arch has provided the general model for many triumphal arches erected since the 16th century—perhaps most famously it is the inspiration for the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France.

So much history!!!!!

Here are our pictures - 

We got to go on the tour with Lisa Curcio her husband Bob and daughter Gina. We spent time together on the Hawaii incentive trip last year and had a blast so it's been nice to catch up again.

Just so incredible to have seen these amazing things!!

There was a big protest that closed off the roads right in front of the colosseum - we had to walk through it to get back to our bus. 

Next stop - Trevi fountain. Oh my it was so wonderful! 

I wanted to get a photo of not just the fountain but the people all around taking pictures. It was an incredible thing to see - so many people admiring this work of art from all around the world. 

Our tour guide recommended we try this pizza shop for our lunch. The pizza was delicious!!

We got our Pizza and Italian beret and sat in front of the Trevi fountain. This food is soo good I'm glad we are walking more than 12,000 steps a day!!

Ran into some Stampin' Up!® friends at the fountain. 

Mary Fish and her hubby in the street on the way to the pantheon. 

This is just one of many gorgeous places we saw along the way. This city is so pretty. 

Funny story..... I knew a few things we were doing but didn't know much about them. We got to this monument and I assumed it was the pantheon. I was impressed, took photos etc. 

Then we turned the corner and this is what we saw!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Such a HUGE building. Bruno and I have this look we give each other like is this for real?? And shake our heads in disbelief. It is truely incredible what we have seen. 

This is inside. One thing the camera can't capture is the size and scale of these buildings. They are so BIG!! It takes you a while to comprehend that it would be even possible to build let alone how old they are. 

Handy tip when travelling - take a picture of street signs of where you about to go. Places just merge into one and you just can't absorb everything you are seeing and hearing from the guide. So we went to the Piazza Navona. 

A great picture of Lisa, Bob and Gina in the piazza. 

The sky had amazing colours. 

Some fun demonstrators we met up with when we returned back. 

What a trip of a lifetime!! It has been so incredible. Can't wait to tell you about our next few days. 

Thanks for coming by. 

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  1. Thank you two so much for your fabulous pictures and commentary! I have learned a lot from you. Will look forward to hearing/seeing more. Have a safe trip home and hope you found something for your lips on the flight. What a thrill for you❣😎

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.


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