Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation Day Day 3

Today was an early start and I didn't mind one bit as we were heading into Italy - Capri for the day. The tours were all organised by Bruno, so it has been exciting not really knowing what we are doing.

Breakfast we needed in a real hurry - it wasn't coming in a hurry though and we were sitting with the lovely Sarah Berry, her husband Tom and son Matthew - they finally bought out our breakfast and it was different to what we ordered but we started eating that breakfast up - turned out, it was Sarah and Toms breakfast we were eating! Oops!! They had a good laugh about it though.

We then headed to the tour.. I stepped out of the ship and couldn't believe what I was seeing. We are in Italy Bruno!

We were excited to meet up with another demonstrator - LeeAnn Greff and her husband Andy on the same tour. We did ours seperate to the cruise liner as it was a bit cheaper.

We were going by hydrofoil which i thought was a hovercraft or something but turns out its not! It was meant to get us to Capri in around 15 mins... it took much longer and REALLY rough sea. There was lots of throwing up going on - but I am proud to say I wasn't one of them! That is the FIRST time ever I have been able to do that without tablets. I think I have found my sea legs. 

Sadly they cancelled the hydrofoil due to how rough it was after us so many on the cruise ship missed out on going!! We were VERY fortunate to get over there. Here are our pictures - 

Lemonchello gelati! So delicious

awww sleeping doggies

I thought this was funny!

Last minute we went on another boat ride around part of Capri - it was AMAZING!

Here was my pillow gift opening last night!!

Thanks for coming by! Lots more to share with you - off to tour Rome now!!

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