Project Life by Stampin' Up! International Blog Hop

Thank you for joining us today for our International Project Life by Stampin' Up! Blog hop. You may be just starting here or have come from the talented Constanze Wirtz.  Either way you can make your way around by using the list below so that you don't miss a blog. We have and incredible group of talented Stampin' Up! Demonstrators who wanted to highlight Project life by Stampin' Up!® Memory keeping. At the moment you are currently in Australia and you are about to go around the world to different locations being inspired by Project life.

I couldn't decide what to show you - so I have shown you quite a bit of my album - but mainly the things that I think will help you to see how easy Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® can be for you. First I want to find out what you think about Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® and what might be your hurdle from purchasing and using it.

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I have used Project life by Stampin' Up! and I love it!
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Many have expressed that they are feeling overwhelmed but you only need these things to start -
  • The Photo Pocket Pages
  • Project Life Card Collection
  • Photos
You don't even need the album right away - you can just test the waters first...

I recommend starting with the 6"x8" album if you haven't done it before - It is quick and less overwhelming. A whole album can take you less than one hour! That's right! It is very fast.
You can see I used the embellishments and branding from the table.... I thought it was a great idea! I did't want to waste those sequins...



I also used them on the inside of the cover too. The CentreStage banner I put a whole punch through and then just clipped it in. Looks great hey!


See how simple this can be? just a few photos and one of the Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® Cards and there is a two page spread - this took me literally minutes to put together and yet so many special memories from my time at CentreStage. All I added was some sequins. Now many of you may be wondering how I get the smaller photos? It is so easy!! I have a video I have made for my Australian readers to show you how simple it is to get those photos off your phones and social media and into one of these albums. 


It is even a great way to collect memento's for the day. How nice to look back at the agenda and remember what happened during the day.


This was so much fun - I highly recommend doing it! I asked a number of people if they could write a few notes that they loved from the day and then return the Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® card to me. I gave them two journal cards - one for them to keep and hopefully add to their album and one for me to put in mine. Oh what treasures those notes have been. Some helped me to remember points that I wouldn't have otherwise. Others are nice notes for me. It was a great way to remember the day. Also you can see that the cards are all over the place - I am not one to be perfect - I just put them in anywhere in any direction and you know what - It is just right for me!


If you do have photo's that just don't seem to be fitting in - don't think that you can't have two pages with different directions - people can just turn the album to look! It gives you more room to use your photos. 

So my tips - don't get too bogged down picking exactly where you want each photo to go - however if you do want to preplan ever page - YOU CAN! Becky Higgings has a Project Life app. You can do it all on your phone see how it looks and then know what photos to order.

Want to know how to print those smaller 4"x3" photos? You will not believe how easy it is - in Australian you can go to the Big W Photos website and you select collage - not digital photos..... Watch this video to see just how easy it is!

I really hope that our blog hop today gets you motivated to give Project Life® by Stampin' Up!® a try and I know that once you try it once and get the hang of what you are doing - you will fall in love with this memory keeping system. It is quick, cheap, so rewarding and creative! 

Thank you so much for joining me today - please make sure that you don't miss one of these amazing blogs as you hop around. Next up is the talented Dena Plummer Rekow who is a project life superstar! She has been making these albums since they came out. She blogs and has videos about project life so be sure to check out all her amazing resources.


  1. This looks great Kylie! I really want to start one! Xx

  2. Amazing Kylie and such a great way to showcase our Onstage Event :)

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  4. Wow! What a great memory! I will definatly "steal" our idea for my trip to Salt lake city for Onstage next week! Thanks for sharing!
    And a huge THANKS for organizing this awesome bloghop!

  5. That looks such a gorgeous album. Love all your 'photo booth' style pics from the day. Great idea.

  6. The idea to take journaling cards to have filled out at the event - brilliant! I am so doing this for our Europe trip in May!!!! Love it!


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