Autisim Matters International Blog Hop

April is national Autism Awareness month and what a better way to create awareness than to take part in an international blog hop! We are all creating cards that will go to those who care for family members with Autism - how encouraging to be able to send them a card to say we are thinking of you and you are doing a great job. Like any sort of parenting it would be thankless - but having a child with Autism could be an added challenge in a family.

If you are a parent that has a child diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), it can be overwhelming. There are so many options for treatment; it can be difficult to figure out the best route to take for your child and family as a whole. There are so many success stories of those that have been able to give time and attention to their children and help them overcome many of the symptoms of autism. I know one particular family that have given so much time and energy to their son and have seen wonderful results. But it took so much effort and persistence on their part. I would like to send this card to them for all that they have done to help their son in so many ways. Big and small to help him grow confidently and adapt to new situations better.

The theme for this hop is - You're wonderful, or You've got this as a tribute to caretakers of those with Autism hence why I have thought of this family to give my card to.

If you are in a position or would like to donate you can at the end of this post.

Here is my card - 

I love that this stamp set is using stamps from the set that you may have overlooked. Those little flowers are just so adorable and it is such a great set. I used the same set for these card too. Click here and here.

Stamp A Bag Stamp Set

The sentiment from the Grateful Bunch stamp set is perfect as this couple really are Awesome and have done so many wonderful things for their child.

Thank you so much for joining us on this blog hop - there are so many amazing things that those in this hop have accomplished to help others understand more about autism and provide support for those with family members who are dealing with it.


Blog Hop List

Kylie Bertucci < ------- You are HERE

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  1. Thanks so much Kylie for not only contributing here but also with a donation. You're the best. I love what you did with your card always make something so magical. Love it. Thanks for sharing today...not only your card but your heart!

    1. And your comments touch my heart too! Thank you Lee. xx

  2. you card is beautiful Kylie and awesome hop.

  3. What an awesome card Kylie! I love the colors and your design is beautiful. I'm sure that the family that's receiving it will love it too. :)

  4. Outstanding as always, Kylie!

  5. Beautiful card Kylie, love the colors and the simple elegance.

  6. Great idea for a blog hop! I love your card. You've made me look at my (very unused) stamp a bag set in a new way!!! Thank you :-) x

  7. What a sweet card! I love the soft colors you chose - thanks for sharing! It was fun hopping with you!

  8. A truly beautiful card <3 A big thank you from Jessica and I, for helping to raise awareness xo

  9. Great idea for a blog hop! I love your card. You've made me look at my stamp a bag set in a new way

  10. Thank you raising awareness about Autism. I also have a daughter with Autism. There is so many people with Autism now and so many people are not aware of Autism and how affects people and their families


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