How did you do those overlapping Circles Kylie?

Many asked me on Facebook how I made my card yesterday - and I have some good news - I made a very quick video on how I did it. You need to forgive me in advance though! This was being filmed LIVE on Periscope - and the postman came during my live broadcast - so typical. But you will get the idea. lol

If you missed my card yesterday check it out here.

Here is my Pericope film be kind to me!! I am still learning. lol. If you are not on periscope make sure you check out my tutorial on how it all works and I hope that you might even make one yourself. We are all still working out how it all works - so don't be afraid to jump in and give it a go as we are all learning together. Click here to see my periscope information.

Here is my tutorial on how I made my card from yesterday - Sorry about the weird view - next time will be better. Learning as I go.

Remember that you can share this video on Facebook - If you do tag me so that I know you have done it and I will be giving away some random prizes in the next few days to those that share it!

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  1. Love your periscope brandkast on this. Thans forum sharing

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  3. I also was wondering how you made this. Awesome card and technique. TFS. X

  4. Such a great technique you shared Kylie! Thank you.


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