Dotty Angles Ombré effect with Tin of Cards Stamp set

I felt inspired to do some Ombré today. I love the look of colours graduating into one another and the Dotty Angles is perfect for this modern trending card.

I had fun using the metallic thread and the sequins which are so hot right now! One thing to keep in mind when using the sequins is to try and think in odd numbers. You can see I have a cluster of three and then a one above the sentiment and one below. I have seen even number of sequins used but they had two together three times on the card. It's all about the fibonacci sequence in nature - majority of flowers if you have a look - have an odd number of petals. We know that flowers look good, so it is a good principle to keep in mind when creating.

The Congrats to you from the Tin of cards Stamp set I have embossed in black to give it a striking look and to go with my black sequins. I have also wrapped the metallic thread around to tie in with my silver sequins.

I LOVE this colour combo - feel free to pin this for inspiration.

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  1. Beautiful combination of colors with a WOW effect! Perfect alignment of the stamps.


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