My Special Stampin' Up! Convention Gifts

I had no idea that this year the gifts that would be showered upon me from my team and also others. It is such a wonderful feeling and so unexpected! Here are some wonderful gifts that I received that I want to thank these wonderful women for organising.

 This super cute Tic Tac holder from Sue Wdowik. I love it!

This awesome Note pad from the lovely Sue Madex my upline!

This gorgeous little memory keeper was made by Tamie Holt. It had blank pages for those in my team or others to write something in there. Such a thoughtful gift.

This INCREDIBLE frame was made by the talented and amazing Louise Sharp. I feel so honoured to have received this super special gift.

How amazing is this?

The gorgeous Shannean Moncrief who is always super generous and thoughtful. I love these gifts. The earrings she got made for me and chose the colours! How amazing is that?

And this gorgeous pandora charm was such a surprise from my up-up-line Claire Daly who gave it to me to celebrate my success this year. So thoughtful and lovely!

Now you know why I am so overwhelmed! How incredible are all of these gifts. We really are spoilt being part of Stampin' Up!

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