Day 6 - Hawaii inventive trip

Today is pretty much the last day of the trip as tomorrow is check out. Boo hoo!
Fortunately Bruno and I added a few extra days which we are excited to have.

At breakfast I got to do the four faces of Brian and Kylie. He is just as crazy as me. 

Caught up with Susie Wood she is so sweet!

Today was the share affair and it was awesome!!

I will post close ups of the swaps I got and link them to their blogs. For now here are some pictures I took. 

Our view from the share affair. Gorgeous!


It was great to see Megumi again.

and to meet Dawn 

Also to meet the other Dawn

So cool so catch up with these girls Shannean Moncrief. 

And I couldn't believe I met Michelle Zindorf!!

Love these two. Just awesome people. 

Met this gorgeous demonstrator from Canada. Rose -

Captured this awesome photo. Lol

They are too funny. 

After the share affair we went to the pool. So nice!! Bruno got a few shots in the pool. 

Then it was off to our final outing to dinner on the USS Missouri.

We got to catch up with lots including shelli!!

The gorgeous Dena

Tami White, Louise and I

Angela Sargeant and Louise

Bruno and I!

Shannean Moncrief her hubby woody and the kids 

Linda Higgins, Tracy Penn Vanessa Webb and Denielle Bernauer and their guests.  

Then bruno found a balloon maker. Interesting pick bruno. 

And that pretty much ends the trip!! I might get a few more pictures tomorrow - but it's check out so it may not happen.

Thanks for following me. 

Kylie xx


  1. What a great recap! I enjoyed cutting up with you in Hawaii and can't wait until the next time we can hang out again. Woo hoo!

    1. I Love this!! Its always exciting to get a comment - but to get a comment from Brian King on my blog?? I'm not worthy!!! Can't wait to catch up in the mediterranean for more laughs with you and Sharon Myers.


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