Day 4 - Stampin' Up! Hawaii Incentive Trip

We had a little sleep in today and got down to breakfast just in time. Plus we got to catch up with Lisa and Bob Curcio who are so lovely. 

This is lisa and I together on Monday with some giveaways. So many goodies!!

After that we decided to take the Waikiki trolley car to a scenic route of Hawaii to see Diamond Head. 

Here is what we enjoyed along the way. 

I don't understand Bruno??

We are working those selfies!

And this is Diamond Head (thanks google)
Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu. 

After that we went for lunch at a Japanese restaurant and had Okonomiyaki. It is a Japanese savory pancake and so delicious! We even got to watch him make it. Oishii! (Delicious)

Time for a swim!! Lisa took this picture for us. 

Then we went out with some friends we know from Melbourne. Check out the ride! Oh yes that is a mustang.

Had a fantastic night and got to have some awesome souvlaki's from this place.

Cruising in the mustang. 

So a great day!!! Another good one tomorrow I'm sure. Off snorking in Hanauma Bay. 

Thanks for reading.


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