Day 3 - Stampin' Up! Incentive Trip

It was a wonderful nights sleep - the bed is like sleeping on air.

Up nice and early as we are off for a tour to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. Breakfast was even amazing. I was so excited to see scallop potatoes on the breakfast buffet!! 

And in true Stampin' Up! Style check out the table. 

Even the placemat - 

So much detail! I love it! 

Always time for a few selfies!

Then time to head off to the Polynesian Cultural Centre. 

Mmmm we ended up sitting with these crazy peeps. 

Brian pulled that face because he realised he was sitting next to the toilet. 

Time to ride on a canoo

We watched a man climb a tree! It was amazing!

Few more selfies - this one was bombed by a rare tribal native in the back. Apparently he is a descendent of the Briania Kingdom tribe, you can tell they were a tribe of warriors and very much to be feared. 

The gorgeous Georgia Giguere -

Some of the dancing - 

Then we went to a gathering and received a Stamp set! There's some excited demonstrators behind me too. Lol

Yup excited!

Yup still excited! 

We are so spoilt! 

Heaps of fun!

We then spent the afternoon laughing, drinking cocktails and having a swim. It was heaps of fun. 

We watched the final of American idol and went to a local food court because it was late. I had Korean Bipimpap that looked like this.

Bruno had a Japanese curry which was delicious. 

Oh here is my pillow gift from last night plus some gifts from the hospitality room. 

A gorgeous beach bag that matches the bag we got our travel documents in.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and for following along! 

See you tomorrow. 



  1. The excitement is like seeing addicts get their fix.... Which I guess, it is! Lol. Lovely to see you all having so much fun!

  2. Any day that starts with scalloped potatoes for breakfast has to be good! Yum!! Love the bag.

  3. Such a fun day; loving your pics! xx


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