2015-2016 Annual Catalogue Product Shares Australia

Exciting news - my Product shares are being released today!

Why take part in a Product share?
1. You can get smaller amounts of the new products at a cheaper price.
2. You get more variety
3. You get to see a sample of what the paper, ribbon or embellishments are like, and then if you really like them you could order a full packet or more shares.
4. We love receiving goodies in the mail

How does it work?
  • Sign up for a spot or more of the below product shares.
  • I will bill you through PayPal when all spots in your shares are filled
  • Starting 2nd June, I'll place an order for the paid shares
  • Once I receive the product, I'll divide it up and ship it right to you
What Shares do I have on offer?

To book in your spot for a share or all of them fill in the details below. You need to be an Australian Resident to take part in my Shares offer.

* indicates required

Thank you for your support and for taking part in my shares off - I know you are going to love all these new products! I would love to show you pictures - but I am not able to until June 2nd. Just make sure that you have a catalogue so you can look up what they look like or - just get them anyway and get a surprise! Feel free to let your friends know about the shares I offer - you can even pin it and

Stampin' Up! Specials

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