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So far, through this photobook, we have been to LA, Salt Lake City and we are partway through the week in Deer Valley. We have a LONG way to go. Again, this is more from the day that we visited the Stampin' Up Home Office. It was a VERY eventful day, and I dont want to miss out on anything.

Here is the double page spread;

I wrote a blog post about it back as it was happening and the link is here. The blog post is called 'Be The Difference.' Speaking of 'Be The Difference,' does it make you want to sing this;

Page 26 - Left Page

This is a picture that shows the front of the building. As mentioned previously, it looks like a school or a campus of some sort. But, many of you have probably seen pictures of this rock at the street. This page is very simple and contains a full page photo and one embellishment. 
  • Embellishments - This strip is from the 'Daily December' set.

Page 27 - Right Page

Here is the 'recipe;'
  • Template - This started out as a blank page. Rather than using a pre-made template, I started using a a 'photo layout.' It started off as the larger size five photos across the page. I decided to add an extra row of five photos and centre the photos vertically. 
  • Background - There is no background used.
  • Stamps - The stamp used is from the 'Then and Now' range and is called Overlay 10. I used the sky from the photograph and sampled the colours and then painted the stamp so that it has a sky gradation effect.
  • Embellishments - This strip is from the 'Daily December' set.
Did you miss the last post in the MDS Photobook of the 2013 Grand Holiday? Ive included it below along with a recent favorite of mine.

Visiting the Stampin' Up! Home Office | 2

Out and About in Deer Valley

Want a full recap on the Grand Holiday Photobook thus far? Here is a link to all of the pages.

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