2013 Stampin' Up! Grand Holiday - MDS Photobook Layout 10 | Deer Valley, Park City

OK, so I have realised that this photobook is taking FAR TOO LONG! So, Im trying to do some easier layouts. And, I have. And, its amazing, when I focus on simplicity, rather than taking three hours to do one double page spread, i did FIVE pages! Ill publish them for you to see in due course. But, doing so many made me remember why I love MDS. And, if you havent given it a go yet - DO IT!

I did a blog post of what we did that day and that can be found here.

Here is the double page spread of Deer Valley and our shopping trip to the Tanger Outlet Mall.

Here is a video of going down the funicular;

Page 18 - Left Page

  • Template - I used a page from the Bookstagram Template. I have to admit that the Bookstagram Template is my favourite. 
  • Background - Coastal Cabana
  • Photos - The template is a single photo. This shot was taken as we were descending the 'Funicular.' I also added a drop shadow. Like me, you have probably never heard of a funicular before? Its bascially a tram that runs on the side of the hill. It appeared to be cable driven. But, the option was to take a 30 minute drive in a mini-bus down the hill or a 60 second ride down the funicular.
  • Stamps - The two used are a part of the template. I colour sampled the background for the travels stamp and I colour sampled on of the rocks on the rock wall for the heart. I added a drop shadow to both of these items.
Page 19 - Right Page

  • Template - This started off as a page from the Bookstagram Template. It started off with 8 photos creating a square shape with no photo in the centre. I deleted two of the photos and then resized some of the photos because some of the photos that I had didnt lend themselves to being cropped square.
  • Background - I had a left over photo that I wanted to use so I added it to the background. It dominated at opaque so I reduced the opacity to suit. Above this, we have 
  • Photos - At the St Regis and out and about in Park City.
  • Embellishments - The card in the middle comes under the embellishment category. It is a card called 'Thought Bubble' from the 'Grateful Pocket Cards' set. I resized it to fit. I added a staple to the top right photo and I added some digital Washi Tape to the bottom left photo from the 'This and That Retro Fresh' Kit.
  • Font - Neou - downloaded from the Internet. 
Want a recap on the Grand Holiday Photobook thus far? Here is a link to all of the pages.

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Bruno Bertucci

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