Alaska travel adventures

Hi everyone - I wanted to share some recent photos of our boat cruise in Alaska. I can HIGHLY recommend it.

Our ship - celebrity century

Formal night

A champagne cocktail tasting. It was much bigger than a tasting! Lol

Glacier at Juneau - so breathtaking

A close up

Can you see the waterfall to the right? There are a crowd of people there so you can understand the size. The glacier is 2000 feet high. 

Having a blast!


  1. Oh wow looks terrific. Love glaciers. That one looks HUGE.

  2. This looks so fantastic! So glad that you both have memories to last a life time xxx

  3. Look totally amamzing! Loving all your updates. xx

  4. Hooly Dooly, you can tell I'm tired!
    Let's try that again!
    "Looks totally amazing" xxx


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