Stampin' Up! Grand Vacation Park City, Utah 2013

The Grand Holiday, well it was grand that was for sure. Stampin' Up! sure know how to look after their high achievers. We felt so spoilt every day. Have a look at the amazing things we did in only five days.

We got put u at the St Regis Hotel in Deer Valley. This is where the rich and famous go!

Stunning lobby

I was sick with altitude sickness the first few days, but didn't miss out on any activities which was good.

Our gorgeous first dinner

Yes the cutlery is wrapped in Stampin' Up! products.

Shelli Gardiner Ceo and co founder of Stampin' Up! and her husband Sterling
Such a down to earth lovely lady for someone who has had such incredible success. It hasn't gone to her head in any way!

One of all of us

Daniel and Louise Sharp from NSW. This night was the beginning of so much fun together! after this we were joined at the hip wherever we were going. So many laughs.



This is the bottom of the mountain and is like a small reception area to help guests go up the hill. You need to catch a cable car called a funicular to get to the actual hotel. Its good fun, though coming down it is VERY steep and a tad scary.

Coming down the funiciular

Yes it is steep!

The view around us while in the funicular

The view

We sure did some shopping! I was feeling so bad this day but on purpose I only bought around five days worth of clothes so that I could get some new items. I had no idea I was going to be feeling this sick. So I just took it easy, Bruno was so good and helped me. So glad I went, got some gorgeous clothes really cheap.

As we were coming back from shopping we met this random guy in the funicular who asked if we were staying in the hotel and wanted free dinner. We didn't say no to that offer! lol. Sadly I was still not well and couldn't make the most of the free dinner. But Bruno sure did.

Halibut fish with asian mushrooms. Yum!


Today it was off to the home office! The welcome we received was so overwhelming - all of the staff came out and continued to cheer and clap for what felt like hours! It was very nice after all the hard work that everyone had done to make this special trip.

The Art with Heart girls

Bruno and I!

All the Aussie girls that made the trip

I loved this sign. lol

The packing warehouse

can you see me?

Me with Sheilli and Amy

Bruno had to jump in too!

Pizza for lunch - I loved it - the first time I had eaten real food in four days!

Bruno with Shannon

The walls were covered in writing - it was so cool

Make and take time

We got to have a play at a new product!! I hope it comes to Australia soon. America have it already. You carve your own stamp. I am not an artist at all - but I loved doing this.

Can you see how proud I am of my hand made stamp??

More updates to come! 

Speak soon


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