Stampin' Up! Convention Salt Lake City 2013

I have so much to share with you all! Its so incredibly exciting being here for both the Stampin' Up! convention and the grand holiday. I would have blogged a tad earlier as we have been here for five days, but I suffered with altitude sickness and was VERY sick. I don't think I have been that sick for a long time. Bruno was so good and too very good care of me. Feeling fantastic now though after an oxygen treatment in the Hotel.

So let me start with Friday and Saturday which was the Stampin' Up! convention. With 5800 people there it was really incredible. Totally different to the Australian one we just had in Brisbane that had 750 in attendance. I am very excited to have experienced both as I have never been to a convention before this year. I don't think I will be missing one ever again.

Ok enough of me chatting - on to the photos! Hold on there is going to be LOTS to catch up on!

 You can't imagine 5800 Stampin' Up! people in one place! It was HUGE!

This was in the gathering place - card ideas galore!

There was a special room for those that have achieved for the year there was even someone at the door checking that you were eligible the special access.

 Inside the recognition room

some card samples - there were so many! Talk about overwhelming.

The awards night party - so much fun, it was an 80's band.

Bruno and I tearing up the dance floor

Wow - no harness and very high in the air

Claire and I from Stampin' Up! office

The end of convention - incredible, streamers and glitter from everywhere. What an amazing time we had.

So they were my convention highlights - I will be back soon with the Grand Holiday photos!



  1. Thanks for sharing your incredible journey. Continue having fun xx

    1. Thanks Jocelyn - there will be so much more to share! Thanks for commenting. I LOVE them. :-)

  2. how cool I think youtube has the opening and closing off that it was so cool to watch have great time hope you feeling better now lynne


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