Stampin' Up! Convention 2013 Brisbane, Australia

There is going to be more to share but I wanted to at least add a quick update to what happened last week. From the 22nd - 25th May 2013 I attended my FIRST Stampin' Up! Convention along with one of the only men at the convention, my husband Bruno.

And we had soooooo much fun. I am so glad that I got to share this incredible time with Bruno. He really is such a gem, or in the theme of Stampin' Up! he is my pearl. So many woman commented on how impressed they were to not only see him there, but also the fact he was interested and has knowledge of Stampin' Up! terms. I have told him his project is to help me with My Digital Studio™ as he is so good at it. Hopefully we might start seeing a change and have more husbands come along. Bruno mentioned to me when we arrived home tonight- how would you have been able to explain what the convention was like? There are no words that aptly describe how fantastic it really was - you just have to experience it for yourself!

This was us at the awards night party - we had been dancing most of the night!! I would have kept dancing only my shoes were killing me. Who's idea was it to wear heels?? lol.

One thing that I loved hearing during the convention was the many demonstrators that said they had visited my blog and seen my work. I felt very humbled by this - as you really don't know who comes and has a look at your blog. It has taught me a valuable lesson to remember that I am not talking to air, but gorgeous woman that want to be inspired. I hope to put more effort into keeping my blog up to date and creative.

My big news was the awards that I received. I knew that I have had an incredible year - but I NEVER expected to win TWO first place awards! Wow.

My team - The Crazy Crafters were the top performing team in Leadership and recruiting. They have done so amazing and I am so proud of everyone of them for getting us this award.

I couldn't have achieved either of these awards I received without their amazing hard work too.

There will be many more pearls to share from the convention, photos and creative ideas so stay tuned. To the wonderful people that I met thank you for making this convention one that I will remember!

Please remember that my team and I are running a Cancer research fundrasier at the moment and would love it if you could contribute in anyway that you can. You can go to my facebook page for more details and to donate click on the button below. You could have the opportunity to WIN one of 80 AMAZING prizes! Stampin' Up! have donated around $2000 worth of product. So tell as many friends as you can as you will more than likely win something!

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