Stampin' Up! 3d Project - {Punch Art Framed}

Hi everyone,

Thought I had better let you know I am still around. Life is wayyyyyyy to busy isn't it?? Hubby and I got to have a few days away at the Hepburn springs and we had such a relaxing time. Mineral pools and massages - nothing better.

Would love to hear your opinion on something though, who has ever done a living social, scoop on deal or cudo and been a little disappointed?? We had a voucher for two nights mid week at the Hepburn Springs bathhouse and Villa. We were very excited.

When we arrived we realised it wasn't at the actual baths - it was a woman's house (who was a little eccentric to say the least) and she had set up accommodation within her house. It was nice and all - but not what it was made out on the voucher. It included breakfast everyday, the last thing I wanted on a two day stay away with hubby was some woman joining us for breakfast each morning - so we found a way to take off before she forced to cook us something. It was quite funny and I am glad we saw the humourous side of it. We had a great look around Dalesford and Hepburn Springs, but I am sure there are many out there that have had great disappointment with these vouchers.

Lesson is - make sure you know exactly what you are getting with those vouchers, they really should show pictures of the actual accommodation, and read the fine print. I am sure many got the voucher not realising that it was mid week only. Let me know your experiences if you have had any good bad and ugly!! lol.

I thought I had better show you something crafty too - This is an order I made for a customer this week.

If you would like to order your own punch art frame they are $25 each.
Email me for more information and to see the complete range.


  1. Hey K. Marcus said your a copy cat!!!

  2. Very frame though. Very funny about the Hepburn Springs. Miss you guys.

  3. I enjoy your blog... found you via Pinterest post and found myself so inspired by your work! Thanks for posting :) Kathi


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