Stampin' Up! Craft for Kids

Well many of you have seen my Punch Art Bookmark Kits - Well I am trying something out to see how it will go and it is VERY exciting.

I am going to allow schools and kindergartens to sell my kits for $4 and the school will receive $1 PER KIT to help with fundraising. The best part is these kits are the best craft for kids to do, they will have so much fun and so will parents and teachers! They could make one as a gift to the teacher, parent or even for themselves or all three.

So if you think that your child's school or Kinder would be interested I am able to run this fundraiser Australia Wide as they are so light to post.

We could also be hired to run the activity in the classroom for something exciting for the children as another option.

To print the order form and show your schools fundraising committee - CLICK HERE

The committee will be so excited to see something so different being offered that is healthy and productive for the children.

I have 39 different kits to choose from - here are just six of them. To view the entire set CLICK HERE



Thanks so much for coming by.

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