Stampin Up! Punch Art at the Melbourne Show

So many of you know that Jess Scott, Nat Todeschini and myself were at the Melbourne show!! We had such a blast the first week was the three of us and the second week was just Jess and I.

Because Sue Madex and I got to trial it last year - I knew what we needed to make and we did so well!!

Nat had these fantastic hair clips made from felt and cut from the bigshot - the kids could choose the colours and put together their clip - Jess and I made ours in the morning and we were totally rocking the new hair clip. Nat also had the smurf collection here they are -

She is now selling them in the pack of three for $10 or $4 each - to order your kit today email her at Postage is $1.10 Australia Wide and $2.20 Worldwide.

We did not stop all day - I think I held my bladder for the entire day but it was totally worth it. The girls and I had a fantastic day and we all did each others projects whatever the kids wanted that is what they got! So the day FLEW past very quick. When you have a busy table more just want to join in. lol.

Jess had the cutest little Thomas bookmarks -

 If you wanted these they are $10 for the set or $4 each - email jess on to get your Thomas collection today. These ones are fantastic for really young kids - I am pretty sure I helped out a 2 or 3 year old do one and there was not a problem.

Jess & I

Look who Popped in to say Hi! Hubby!

Our display board - We were a little impressed with ourselves. lol

Us punching in our PJ's - Jess has covered her face for privacy reasons. Ha Ha!

Jess after a marathon Punching night (and wine time)

Me in my summer dress! Jess made me pose.

Jess & I at the stand
 Unfortunately we only got photos on our phone the week before so none of Nat in these - I have to get them off Jess but not sure how the quality would be.

Our next venture is the Werribee Craft Festival held at 80-82 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing on November 5th and 6th. Jess, Nat, Deb and I will all be there with different craft items.

Then we have a fete on the 19th November and then Werribee Markets on the 10th December. So it is FULL on!! At this stage classes really have taken the back seat but I know many of you are keen to get back so in the meantime contact Nat Todeschini as she holds classes on a Wednesday Night weekly. I may be able to squeeze a class in but it would just be a one off due to how busy everything is.

I would like to Welcome FIVE new team member the the CRaZy Crafters Team.

1. Cindy Lay
2. Bec Gomez
3. Carolina Evans
4. Kirrily Cant
5. Janine Quaadgras

Big welcome to all the girls, most are just doing it for cheaper craft - which is how most of us started and then realised we could turn it into a business! Do what you love and make money, got to love that. So the CRaZy Crafters team now consists of twelve - how exciting is that! Contact me if you want to join in the fun too.

The next post is going to be a big one - we have some brand new punch art to show you and it is VERY exciting. We are talking Mario Bros, Dora, Hello Kitty and Cars! You are going to love it.

To see all of the 39 punch art kits I have available CLICK HERE

Will keep you posted if I get around to actually making a card with my new goodies - its so FLAT out I can't keep up!!


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  1. These smurfs hair clips and those cute book marks are something I am dying to buy right now. This is so freaking cute. Hats off to you people for creating this.


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