Some Footy Punch Art - Collingwood and Geelong

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I can definately say that I am NOT a made footy fanatic, but living in Melbourne the last ten years has taught me that MANY of my friends and family are. So I thought that they would enjoy some footy punch art for Collingwood and Geelong - remember I LOVE comments so would enjoy hearing what you think!

I have been at the Melbourne Show with a Stampin' Up! make and take section. It has gone so well as I have had my punch art available to make or the kits to take home and make yourself. We have been having such a great time and I have one more day at the Show this Tuesday.

Here is the sign that Bruno wonderfully made for me -

Here is Sue Madex and I together at the stand -

Sorry it has been so long in between posts - between the new catalogue, the Launch night and The Melbourne Show it has been flat out!!

To purchase some of my Punch Art Kits - CLICK HERE

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  1. Hi K, Marcus liked the Collingwood one, they look great. I think you have now tapped into something huge, you need one for all the teams for the start of the next season.

  2. You both look so professional!!Mum

  3. Well done Kj, What a great idea!!!!
    Melbourne is footy crazy at the moment.
    I had an awesome time at your launch.
    I'm so happy with my shares, beautifully packaged.
    Glad you had fun at the show.

  4. Lovely to see both you and Sue on the stand - I was hoping someone had taken photos ... love the footy punch art - Go Saints!


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