Adriano Zumbo's Kalamata Olive Macarons as seen on Masterchef - made by my Husband Bruno

My darling husband Bruno spent all night, while I was having fun doing the candle class, making these amazing Macarons!!

It was a marathon effort of 5 hours work, but he is so proud of himself.  We are going to the lovely Carolina Herrera's tonight for some Paella (YUM) and Bruno thought he would make these for the event because we are all MAD for Masterchef.

I think what also made his day was that both Courtney and Phillip commented on his facebook about his cooking adventure.  Courtney challenged him to make a V8 cake!! Lol.  Bruno responded by saying - the Gelatine layer might slide off, I had better not. (That is what happened to Courtney when she did that challenge.) She said it was the hardest thing she has ever made!

There was so much work and a few things that didn't quite go to plan - but they taste amazing and I am sure that everyone as Carolina's will love it!!

Thanks Bruno, can't wait for the next ones - the beetroot ones I think???



  1. Thanks Bruno for putting in such a HUGE effort in making the macarons. We all enjoyed them and the few that you left behind have now been finished.

  2. Wow I can't believe Bruno's been touched by Masterchef royalty!!!!!!! That's so cool. Keep up the good work Bruno, they look awesome!!!

  3. Wow they look very impressive!!!

  4. That is VERY cool! I got a text msg from Sharni when Courtney was on Bruno's fb profile commenting - It was SO exciting!!! I would absolutely love to try these so if he feels the need again you MUST CALL ME!! xxx
    p.s love the new blog look!


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