My Punch Art Owl

As of March 2011 I have all of my Punch Art Kits available individually to see my full range CLICK HERE

I just had to share this adorable owl...... The next kit is happening soon.



  1. He is just so cute!!! Emily loves her ladybug - thanks :) She told me that it's for on your top, and I said no, it's a bookmark, to which she said NO, KYLIE SAID IT IS FOR YOUR TOP! Can't argue with that! LOL

  2. That is so cute Rachel! I'm glad she liked it. I put it on their tops so they wouldn't lose them, but yes, it is a bookmark. Lol

  3. OMGosh...this is adorable! Thank you for subscribing to my blog..I LOVE your designs and will follow you too through Google Reader ;)
    Happy Stamping!

  4. how CUTE!!! That is great!!
    P.S. Come check out our new challenge blog!
    First challenge starts May 23(next Sunday.) Hope to see you there!
    xo Kelli


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