Monday, November 16, 2009

Animal Punch Art Bookmark Kits are available

I mentioned in my last post that the animal punch art bookmark kits were a huge hit at paperific, with many asking if they could get one after they sold out in about two hours.  So as requested here they are for you to purchase but with the extra addition of the lion that wasn't in the kit at paperific.

Thank you all so much for your great feedback and your interest in these cute little animals.  Remember that if you wanted to make as many as you like and required the punches needed to make them that you can contact me for those, they would be a great hit to sell at markets, school fetes or fundraisers, or as an end of year gift for teachers students plus much much more.

Thanks for dropping in and having a look, can't wait to send out the kits to all of you eager, crafty people.



  1. Kylie Jo these are so cute. I have to make them. Cute, Cute, Cute.

  2. They are gorgeous Kylie!! Love them!x

  3. These are just so CUTE!! Brought a smile to my face, you clever thing.

  4. These are just so beautiful it was no wonder they sold out in 1/2 an hour - you are one clever chicken Kylie. Loved working with you - and can't wait for the next time. Love Nikki xxx

  5. How darling. Too cute. And useful. Well done.

  6. These are so adorable! I love it! Paperific would have been a blast but also tiring at the same time! LOL! You do beautiful work Kylie, I will be back.

  7. these are adorable, you have some fabulous creations here, great style...have a wonderful weekend!

    enjoy *~*

  8. Hi Kylie, met you at Quantin Binnah, what a pleasure! I finally had some time to check out your blog! Magnificent work here! Love it! We should get together for a stampin session after the holiday madness is over!


  9. These are super cute! Love the different animals. TFS!


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