This one is for TWO challenges. Inspirations and Pals Paper Arts

While I am on an absolute roll with my creativity this weekend, why not post another creation!!  I am in shock with myself.  I should have cleaned up the stamp room so long ago it has given me a new creative mojo.

I did my first inspiration challenge on the previous post and then I went and had a look at everyone elses.  I don't know about you, but when I am doing a challenge I don't like to look at anyones first so that it doesn't corrupt my thinking!  I second guess myself and it gets me all confused as to what to do.  So I posted mine then had a look at some of the others.  Here is what inspired us -

Amy's is just adorable and Kirsty's really inspired me click on their names to see their creations.  I have had a art pad there for ages that Ange Dickins gave me to decorate and have never got around to it.  Well today I got around to it.  Here it is-

As I said it is very much inspired by Kirsty's so I can't claim really much at all!! But it was great fun and I am so happy that I got it done. I thought that I may as well put it in for Pals Paper Arts challenge as well, while I am in the challenge mood.  This week is Anything But A Card Challenge  So here it is.

A few of us girls are going to the werribee market in December, what do you think girls?? Between some of these, the candles and our cards I think we will make a killing. lol.  More to spend on more stamp sets.

I also have to thank Keesh (we are on nickname basis now that she commented on my last post) for the motivation to get my Organic Outlines out too I think it had some dust on it from lack of use. 

You should have heard my husband from the other room when he saw a message on my post from Makeesha! It was too funny and he is too cute.  Its like if you get a comment from Mary Fish its like someone famous has come to visit you.  I wouldn't know what that feels like, only my husband has got one of her comments on this card - click here.  It is an amazing card though I'll give him that.

Thanks for looking



  1. Those flowers are so effective (what stamp set is it?) and the colour combo is great!! You should see my new wish list!

  2. The flowers are from one of the sheets of the Urban Garden DSP that I cut out!! Isn't it cool! I love that paper so much. Can't wait to see the wish list! lol

  3. Wow, I totally missed that mary fish had commented on that card! wowee, thats cool! Its funny how we are in awe of other crafters, I am too, big time, like they're royalty or something!! What are we going to be like at convention?? lol

  4. Love the layered flowers from the dsp. The album reminds me of denim. Very cool and excellent translation of the inspiration photo.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too :)

    Hugs, Mary

  5. Hi Kylie-Jo,
    Thanks for your lovely comment. I so love what you have done for this challenge aswell. Fifth Ave is one of my fave sets. But haven't used it in ages. You have inspired me to get it out.
    Take care

  6. This turned out great! I love it!

  7. Wow Kylie, thats so fancy.

  8. I love your sketch book, Kylie Jo! Love the colors and pretty flowers! Great job with the challenge!

  9. On behalf of the design team at Pals Paper Arts, thank you for playing @ PPA!

    Join us for a special "In the Pink" challenge this Thursday, October 29, 2009.


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