Ready for The Regional's

Well as of Sunday night I have got all of my handmade cards that I will be swapping as my "business card" on Saturday at the regionals. I will be able to swap with other demonstrators and card enthusists and get ideas, contacts and share!! I have made 50 so I am VERY happy with the fact I got them all done as I really didn't expect to have this many and be organised so early in the week.

Do you think they will like them?? You may remember that I did this for an earlier post for the spring mini. If you look on page five the colours of the rub on sheet is what inspired me for this card.

Anyway, I'm in blog overload now. You don't hear from me in months and then I am posting almost everyday.

You will hear from me soon. I am bringing my camera to the regional's so will post up some of my favorite shots.

I also wanted to introduce Annette - She has been stamping for about six months now and is doing so fantastic with her creations that I wanted to share some with you all to see. She doesn't have a blog right now, but maybe if we keep bugging her, things may change.

Here they are -

Be sure to make some comments on her cards and let you know what you think. I will pass them onto her.

Thanks all

And don't forget if you are coming to paperific on the Friday 13th November to come to the stampin up stand and let me know that you read my blog. Would love to meet you in person.



  1. Crikey! Those cards must have taken you AGES!!!
    Oh, and Annette's cards are GORGEOUS! I love the colours :)

  2. Love your swap cards KJ they're gorgeous...although after fifty you'll probably never do that design again...LOL!
    Annette...your cards are wonderful, I love them...well done!

    Cant wait to see you on Sat, and hear all your goss! xx

  3. surprisingly girls, I added all the time up and it took a solid 3.5hours all up. I actually fancy the conveyer belt method. I was very methodical about it and put my head down and went for it. Once you have the design measurements its quite quick from there. And I do like this card, so hopefully I will do them again tish!!
    Thanks for you comments.
    Can't wait to see you at the regionals too Tasarni.

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Kylie I can't wait to see all the cards from the regionals on Monday at work. Don't think we'll get much work done!

  5. Hi Kylie Jo, sorry I didnt get to meet you too, it is so busy with so many fabulous people huh? I went to regionals last year too, but missed out on convention as we had a family holiday planned, but sooo cant wait for next year! Looking foward to checking out your blog!


  6. LOVE your swaps, and I am so happy I got one of them at Regionals!! (There was a bit of swapping frenzy going on, wasn't there?!)

    Annette, your cards are truly beautiful - simple, clean, lovely layouts. You have an eye for composition. Thanks for letting Kylie post them on her blog!

  7. Really like the swaps, so don't know what to do for mine. Stamper's Block!!
    Like your friend's cards, esp the Thoughts & prayers one.

  8. I love the cards! What stamps did Annette use on her cards? (I want the flowering tree branch stamp!!!) lol


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