The winner of the Mojo Competition!!!

A big congratulations to ANNETTE CURROW!! (or known as peitriks cards)

She has won the Mojo competion and gets to chose a stamp set of her choice.

Here is her card that she made (her blog is in progress)

She has done an amazing job and used the template on the side. Its great to see some old in colours and the fantastic Baroque Motifs set. Great job Annette! You have made me proud. Let me know the colour stamp set you would like.

SPECIAL MENTION to Bec Gomez from
it was very hard to choose a winner as this is a beautiful card!! Thanks for playing Bec, your blog is looking fantastic too. Please go and visit for a look if you haven't people.

Just out of interest last week Bruno was asking and asking and asking for some scones - marianna's scones that is check out her blog if you haven't already CLICK HERE to see it.
Well I had to please my husband and I made them - do the pictures say it all??


  1. Yay!! Im now an award winning cardmaker!
    I'll get the choc chip colour please!

  2. congratulations annette!! sure you can have the choc chip, a very important colour to have. (Bruno has got the bug - he is in the craft room making cards at the moment. I'm sure it will be good enough to post on the blog!)

    Go annette!! did you see your competition??

  3. Nice job Kylie. Is Bruno eating plain ole cream on it or is there some jam hiding underneath. I can't see it. Isn't he sweet to have his photo taken while he's having a pleasurable gastronomic moment. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hey KJ, hi annette (waving) LOVE your card, I haven't used those stamps in ages & you've totally inspired me!!

    KJ, I have a blog award for you!! come and get it my lovely XXXX


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