Pocket Silhouettes

I'm on fire today!! Having blast with my new stamping room.

Last Friday I changed our bedroom and study around and it has worked wonders - no more stamping on the dining room table!! Hooray!!

So now we are in the front room and the study has been converted to my craft room and study room. Its really great. Don't know why Bruno and I didn't think of it a long time ago.

So this card is nice and simple, I LOVE earth colours!!! They are my favorite colours. I got the pack of old olive and not quite navy and I am loving it. I used choc chip and old olive for the cardstock and ink is really rust, choc chip and old olive. Nice and simple!!

Also would like to welcome Kate - I don't think you realise this, but you are my first external visitor that isn't someone I know!! So welcome.

Hopefully i'll have another card to post soon.

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  1. Your new cards are just gorgeous Kj. I need pocket sillhouettes and the bride one asap. I think it's time for a photo of your new rooms though. xoxo


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