The new stamping room!!

Well finally as requested I am posting photos of the new room that is set up for me and bruno to do our craft!! I just can't believe this room used to be our bedroom, it really is too small for that. Our bedroom is in the front room now and it is so much better, we can't believe we didn't do it earlier

Bruno also asked his boss about a pigeon hole type cabinet at his work as it wasn't getting used and Bruno was so clever and thought how good it would be for my stamp sets and paper. I know I know isn't he a wonderful husband I hear you say. So this is the set up I have now thanks to this cabinet. Bruno asked how much his boss wanted him to pay for it, and he was like - Bruno just have it! SWEET!

So slowly slowly the room is getting there, few things need a bit of work, I think I am in need for some more small cd boxes as the collection of things are growingBut isn't it exciting!! Only 15 more sleeps until my first workshop!! It can't come any quicker, just want to get right into it


  1. Looks like a lovely place to work and to plan that first workshop. Best wishes, Sue

  2. Gosh Kylie, you sound so excited and it seems as though a tidal wave of creativity is waiting to be unleashed. I'm glad you have this gorgeous room to work in. It makes such a difference when there is an allocated area. And the shelves aren't empty either; a promising site. Jeepers I am excited for you.

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of ur dedicated space. If u don't mind...I'll live vicariously thru your space until mine materialises. Relish and enjoy all the creativity that comes fm this space. I look forward to seeing its results!!


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