Never Heard From me?


Watch this video and then you can see the pictures too

When you create your account on my online store you are given some options that you may not have realised would impact our relationship!

If this was ticked no - then I have NO IDEA that you have ordered from me. So you will need to change your profile settings!

Sign into your account via my online store. You then need to go to My Account. (where the arrow is pointing)

This page above will then display and you will need to click on MY DEMONSTRATOR then make sure that YES is ticked where it says - Allow my demonstrator to contact me with order updates and other important information. 

If this box was ticked no - I have never been given your name, email or ANY details at all to be able to look after you as one of my VIP customers. So make sure you change it today and let me know.

I love looking after my customers - and this can prevent me from giving you the best service possible.  I even have a special VIP Facebook group where we have so much fun inspiring one another and getting the very latest updates FAST. Weekly deals, Clearance sales and much more.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me!

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