Kylie's Go for Greece Training Program

PLEASE NOTE: Subscriptions CLOSE 30th September 2017

We all need support and encouragement right? A community that you know has your best interests at heart and wants you to see success and reach your goals. Do you feel like you are trying to get customers or team members and it just doesn't seem to be working? You are not sure where to start or how to keep going? Feeling like giving up? DON'T!

I have created a group that will provide help with all of the above and so much more in your Stampin' Up!® business. I have noticed that many don't have active team leaders or team leaders that can provide the training that they are looking for. Whether you are just beginning or have been with Stampin' Up!® for a while and seen incredible success - this group is just right for you.

What will you gain from joining the group?

Every month TWO successful Stampin' Up!® Demonstrators speak to us LIVE about their top business tips and what has helped them to reach their goals. Their talks vary in time and content but because they are live you will not only get to hear these speakers tips but also ask them questions. This is an incredible opportunity. If you can't attend live you have access to the videos for the Stampin' Up!® Year. (September 31st)

Each month I set a challenge for you to take part in. These challenges will push you RIGHT OUT of your comfort zone. However if you want to see success or an increase in your business these challenges will help you to see what is possible when you try new things.

We cheer each other on - we talk about our highs and lows, what we are struggling with and what we are proud of.

You will connect with so many in the group that will support and buddy up with you. Find your mentor or friend that will push you to be greater than what you are now.

As I grow and develop the training program there are exciting new adventures ahead that I am planning for the training group to keep it VERY exciting and challenging. You won't know what is around the corner till you are there.

Every Go for Greece member is able to purchase my specific training videos for half price. Content such as - Blogging, sending newsletters using Mailchimp, How to benefit from Pinterest and Facebook to grow your business and many more training videos.

So what are you waiting for? This is YOUR time to shine. Growing a business takes time and effort but also you need to invest so that you can learn the skill you require to turn it into something you desire. Why not learn from those that have succeeded and now make a great income from Stampin' Up!®. These are the people who have proved it can be done AND know how to do it.

SUBSCRIPTION TO THIS PROGRAM CLOSES 30TH SEPTEMBER 2017. This is a FULL year of training that you are subscribing for.

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Here is some feedback I received from members of the Aim for Alaska program which is so touching to read and hear.

"It actually brings me to tears, the thought of what I have got from this group. I would not be where I am without it. The encouragement is amazing, the inspiration is incredible. I will definitely be signing up again. I would absolutely recommend it to my team and "sisters" even if they weren't thinking of the trip, it is an amazing resource even to "up your game"
"I would like to say that this group, which I joined partially through, has actually helped me focus more on what I need to not only earn the trip but what my team might need to earn as well. Wouldn't have known about this group except for a special team member. So thank you to her for sharing❤️. I have not yet listened to all the speakers-on my to do list yet. However, they have been SO inspiring, funny, and have taught me that even those who I have admired still had learning curves along the way. Earning the trip is hard work...I'm feeling like the little train chugging down the track saying "I Think I Can" but it is definitely in sight and I'm honestly saying I don't think I would be anywhere close to Alaska without the coaching and positive vibes from everyone on here. Working on plans and planting seeds to earn Greece as that has always been a dream. Thank you to everyone, and Kylie, for making this such an inspiring few months. I have broken out of my comfort zone and tried new things which I probably would not have done on my own, and have been reminded that consistency is the key. Don't give up! Tweak and try again. Hugs to each of you who have been on this journey."
"I haven't earned the trip and won't, but I have definitely found this group beneficial. The insight from the top demonstrators has been invaluable. There hasn't been one talk where I have failed to learn. The positive vibe of the group, the camaraderie and the encouragement from everyone has been priceless. I have increased my business and team, and grown in myself by being here. The challenges are tough but worthwhile. I would recommend it to any demonstrator who wants to build there business. Like anything, you get out of it, what you put into it."
"This group has been an invaluable help to me when times have been tough. I will not get anywhere near gaining the trip but perhaps this is one of those building stones that we have be privileged to be part of. Will definitely join the Greece one."
"The training has been so beneficial. Given me the confidence to try new things. My business has benefited from this 100%I have recommended the training to others as I would love for them to experience the success and improvement in confidence that I have. I will be registering for the new training for Greece xI would also like to thank the lovely Narelle  for telling me about the group and recommending I join."
"This group has brought so much for me! I can see my growth, I borrow from your energy and "can do" encouragement! I don't want to say I won't get the upcoming trip (even though my sales and team tell me I probably won't reach it -- this time!) this group helps me strive for it!! I learn so much! The challenges kick my bootie sometimes but I'm grateful for them because of the amazing feeling I get when I accomplish them and see the seedling of my work! As a full time employee, full time mom, wife, friend and... part-time Stampin Up demo I'm learning that consistency is the key for all of you but also that you all are successful differently and it works! Kylie I am grateful for your efforts putting this group together. I've listened to a few speakers a few times and each time I pick up something different! Thank you!"
"I too won't get the trip , and whilst it's a fair amount to pay out each month for me, as my sales are not particularly great I have to admit, It really is money well spent. This group has helped me immensely it has helped me get over my fears of facebook lives, and that was one of my goals this year, from the tips from the demo's monthly that Kylie has arranged to the tips from the members of this group, the information from both qaurters has been invaluable, and I will be joining again as I am determined after Thailand never to miss another trip .. So Thank You all, xx?"
"This group has been so beneficial for my business! I'm just starting to see results, small ones, but results! I won't earn the trip, but I am laying groundwork for growing my business. I may not even earn Greece, but it's growing, and I now have a lot of processes in place for when my business is bigger, so I won't be chasing my tail so much. I'm happy that it's picking up steam, because I was starting to feel like it was impossible with homeschooling the kids and having a toddler."

The speakers have been amazing, and even just the general help and answers to questions from everyone in here. I love the support from other demonstrators and the friendships that are coming along.

When I told my husband registration was open for Go for Greece, he didn't even hesitate -- told me to sign up right away because even he can tell how good Aim for Alaska has been. Even though we have really not seen any financial results yet, LOL."
"I earned the Alaska Trip, and I think it will be our 15th incentive trip. I just have to say, I am SO thankful that Kylie Bertucci invited me to be part of this group because I have learned from everyone in this group!! I have learned tips, I have been encouraged, I have been able to see things through the eyes of newer 1st time trip achievers, I have been better able to understand the struggles we all face, I have rejoiced at celebrating with so many of you who achieved milestones (big or small), and of course so happy for those of you who have earned the trip. I would HIGHLY recommend this training group to anyone looking to grow their business whether the trip is your goal or not.. I feel everyone will take away so many tips and feel so encouraged by this group!! Thank you Kylie!!!"

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact me here. You will be so happy you decided to join my Go for Greece Training program!

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