Promoting Catalogue and New Product Releases Policy

Here is the latest and current policy for sharing new products. Before contacting any demonstrator or Stampin' Up!® this would be worthwhile reading and understanding thoroughly.

If you have any questions or comments about what I am posting on my blog please ensure that you read this first.

  • Demonstrators can start sharing the physical copy of the catalogue (showing it in person, distributing it, and so forth) once the preorder time begins. When Stampin’ Up! provides a catalogue to a select group of people earlier than the preorder date (such as a catalogue premiere), demonstrators can begin sharing or showing the physical catalogue once they receive it without waiting for the preorder time, unless they are told otherwise.
  • Demonstrators CANNOT post the catalogue online until Stampin' Up! has released the catalogue online to the public. Currently, this is the date the catalogue goes live for customers. (Demonstrators can take a photo of the catalogue cover or one of themselves showing a closed catalogue and post them online.) 
  • Demonstrators cannot collect money for purchases or deliveries of catalogues earlier than what is specified in the IDA for any orders, which currently is 11 days. 
  • Demonstrators can share or show physical products (not just samples) from an upcoming catalogue once the preorder begins for those items. If the item is shown at a Stampin’ Up! event, demonstrators can also share or show physical products unless told otherwise. This applies to showing it in person OR online. However, Stampin’ Up! recommends that demonstrators use judgment in choosing to show products to their customers before they can actually purchase. Showing products always builds excitement and if customers cannot immediately purchase the products, that excitement may be gone when they can purchase. Stampin’ Up! encourages demonstrators to focus on current products to generate sales. If demonstrators choose to show new products early, they should make sure to also spend time promoting items that their customers can buy right away.

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