Big Shot Club

Big Shot Club Package Choices

So you are thinking about joining my Big Shot Club?

It is VERY exciting! It will work for anyone - whether you already have the Big Shot or accessories or not it can still work for you. It is flexible in what choices you can make.

Here are the 20 packages that you can choose from each month you can choose a package as many times as you like depending on how many months you have selected.

Depending on what club you have chosen you may have one or more 50% items to choose. Here are some recommendations that I have come up with for some ideas.

I am very excited to be adding another Club, this is now the fourth Club I have available for you to be able to get the products you want at a budget. 


  1. Damn, how does one decide? LOL

  2. I really love this club can get what you need on a budget thanks Kyle

    1. Glad you like the Club tootiesgirl! Thanks for your comment too. We all need a budget for our craft - plus getting rewards and free product are a bonus!


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