About to place your first order?

Thank you so much for choosing to order through me! I am so excited. As soon as you order you become one of my VIP customers. I love being able to look after my customers so there is some important information about ordering that I want to share with you.

Watch this video for more information on what you NEED to know to become one of my VIP customers

For me to be able to give you the VIP treatment I need to make sure that you create your account via my online store correctly.

This picture below will help you -

When you click on create account this page will appear.

As you can see it is VERY important that you click YES - Allow my demonstrator to contact me with order updates and other important information. 

If you click no - I will not be able to contact you in anyway or know who you are - so you will not be eligible for my VIP service. Which would make us both sad right?

If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact me!

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