LAST CHANCE to sign up for our Demonstrator Training Program for 2019-2020

We are so overwhelmed with the response to our training program this year! Thank you to all that have subscribed we have had hundreds sign up and we know it is going to be an incredible year of learning and supporting one another.

There is just a few hours left to sign up for this year long program. We will not be taking any new subscribers until September 2020. So NOW is the time to take advantage of this opportunity to make some changes personally and in your Stampin' Up!® goals.

We have a variety of people in the group - some that consider themselves hobby demonstrators and want to try getting customers and team members, and then there are others that have earned the incentive trips for years. One key element you will learn is that we can all learn from one another and you never compare your beginning with someone else's middle.

For those of you that aren't Stampin' Up!® demonstrators if you join our Crazy Crafters team, you will receive this training FREE. One of the amazing perks of being in my Stampin' Up!® team in Australia. We would love to have you part of our program and as a fellow Stampin' Up!® demonstrator. If you have questions about becoming a Stampin' Up!® demonstrator, please don't hesitate to ask.

We are looking forward to an incredible year with over 30 guest speakers on our Private Facebook Page. We have a speaker that is a wellness expert talking to us about the profound impact our Reticular Activating System has on our goals and also a body language professional showing us how to use our body language to help us feel more confident. Plus many top demonstrators that have had huge success with Stampin' Up!® as well as NEW Demonstrators that have seen their business take off due to taking our training and applying the information.

Here are some testimonials for you from our program this year - 
  • It has made me a more confident and positive person. To be myself. I AM ENOUGH... TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS WOMAN JUST AS I AM.
  • This training gave me exactly what I needed to learn in order to take my business in an amazing direction. It was invaluable!
  • Improved organisation in my office, developed a workable diary and am now getting much more done. This will now be able to enable more time to develop my Stampin' Up! business.
  • I loved seeing that everyone is "unique" in their own way, and that we own their own talent and that we ALL can make some mistakes sometimes. Just knowing that I can come to this group for help and advice 24/7 is wonderful.
  • The atmosphere and dynamics of the group were amazing. We are all now like a very supportive and caring family. This helped me immensely as I felt that every single participant had my best interest at heart. The friendships formed through this group have been just as beneficial as the training.
  • As a very new demonstrator it has laid a path to start my business off well, and what I have to look forward to. Hopefully I will be more prepared to handle the ups and downs of the future.
  • I feel that, even though I am still very small, the training program has helped me to establish solid foundations for future growth, so that I won't need to go back and adjust things very much because I will already be dealing with that growth appropriately.
  • I am much more comfortable with technology. I have learned how to post on Facebook, write a Blog and post on Pinterest. I am more confident to tell others what I do now, ie. I am a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and I make cards and sell great stamping stuff! ( I used to be a doctor. When I retired I felt as though I had lost my identity. I feel I am getting a new identity.) I feel more real. Thank you so much for all your hard work in setting up interesting and helpful videos. You two are awesome!
And that is just a FEW of the reviews that we have been given. What are you waiting for?? It's time for you to come and join in with all the fun.

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